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Impetuous Witch by Tarantad0
Impetuous Witch
Personal work I wanted to do before college break ends. (Also the first piece I ever did without throwing up textures on it)

There's some lore for you to read below:

"Impetuous Witches are part of a group of rogues and bandits who thrive in glades and heavily forested areas, surviving off the land and looting caravans to make their living. These are former sorceresses who were banished from their home kingdoms for various reasons, ranging from acts of treason to blasphemous practices of necromancy and devil-craft, most of which are false accusations from fearful citizens of the Crown. The banished diviners eventually form allegiances with marauder kings/queens in the wilderness to ensure survival and to carry out their acts of vengeance against their former Majesties, using their spells and hexes to aid in the assault of royal convoys and supply carts to run the kingdoms' wealth dry."

As always, please do not steal/claim my work as your own!

<da:thumb id="198118518">

And constructive feedback is always welcome.
Carlisle (COM) by Tarantad0
Carlisle (COM)
Commission for Whiplash-Katachi of his OC Carlisle, a demigod who leads a city created on a chunk of land that was torn from the earth by her own hands.
Hey everyone, it's been a REALLY long time since I've been on deviantART, and it's nice to come back for a change!

As the title suggests, I have reopened my commission orders now that I have found time in my busy as hell schedule to do a few before my graduation. (Actually I'm trying to ease the financial burden on my parents for insisting on paying my college tuition, so doing commissions would help me a lot!) As usual, you can make an order by either messaging me here on deviantART (yes I promise to respond more quicker) or by my email: 

+My Terms and Conditions:
  • You cannot claim that the work was produced by you, that counts as theft and that's just messed up.
  • I only accept payment through Paypal. I don't accept points, sorry!
  • Commissions take on average less than a week (or more), depending on how complex/difficult the order is. I'll notify you if there's been a wrench in the gears, so to speak.
  • I am allowed to turn down a commission for any reason whatsoever.
  • No exchanges, returns, or refunds. All transactions are final when they are final!
+How It's Gonna Work:
  • By default my commissions are $20, but depending on how complex or difficult I find the order to be, the amount may be lowered or raised.
  • After you tell me how you'd like your commission, I'll make a sketch of what the piece would look like. If you like how it turns out, I'll start painting.
  • After it's finished, I'll send you a (low-res and watermarked) copy of the finished painting where you can tell me what needs adjusting. If you find everything satisfactory, I'll ask for payment and send you the full (high-res and un-watermarked) version!
+If You Order, I'll Need:
  • Your email address (make sure you have a PayPal!)
  • Detailed description of the commission in question (poses, expressions, moods, elements, everything you want in the picture!)
  • References (these help a LOT)
  • slot 1
  • slot 2
  • slot 3
  • slot 4
  • slot 5


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Vincent Hechanova
Artist | Digital Art
United States

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You remind me of a more-stylized Tsitra :D
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Dear MLP Fan,

I am writing you, to bring to your attention, a possible chance at getting your name and or a piece of your writing mentioned in a video by the greatest Brony of all time. The man who shows what being a Brony truly means. 

The wonderful and fabulous Dr. Wolf, has written to me regarding a piece I wrote saying that it sounds quite interesting. It will make more sense if you read it. I hope you'll take a moment to write down your thoughts on MLP, and the ways in which it changed your life.

Here's a link to the proposal:


Happy 2015. Here is a new original song by Flora, an independent band formed by my niece, nephew & I…

Please like, comment, or follow us here (on soundcloud) or on Facebook (or all of the above). We're grateful for the support, and we'll be releasing an album on Itunes sometime this year.

Have a great year

Cedar Woods

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